Hope in 5 (ish) – Ep. 27 { 10 questions to process the year, stuff you (probably) really need, and Spring Ahead! }

how to be a better person newsletterI feel like this week was the first near-normal-ish week I’ve had in, well, a year. It’s kinda weird to be jolted back to ‘reality’ all of a sudden. I’ve been using a very accurate and scientific way to keep tabs on normalcy the past year–how LA drivers are doing. We’ve had a gradual move from empty roads and cautious drivers to aggressive moves and spirited honking–so, yeah, we’re back.

I’ve gotten all the way dressed into real clothes every day this week. Well, except one day when pandemic fatigue won. Also, it was raining. What’s a girl to do besides stay in her snuggly pajama pants?

It’s Daylight Savings weekend–don’t forget to ‘spring ahead’ before you go to bed on Saturday night (unless you want to wake up at 2am on Sunday and do it then…).

Ok, ready for a few ideas for you (and your life) (and the world) to be just a little bit better? Here are 5 quick links to bring you a little joy, a chance to think or to provide a helpful tool to you in 5 (ish) minutes! 🙂

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  • I think all of us have experienced various levels of pandemic brain fog–but how do we make some progress out of the fog? In addition to trying to be sure you are sleeping well (I’ve taken to drinking sleepy time tea before bed), try this.
  • As we approach the one year mark since most of us have been ‘safer at home’ in various ways, I found this thoughtful podcast that had . There is a link to the podcast, or you can just scroll down a bit to grab the 10 questions. This would be a great one to have everyone in your household do as you come out of this year. (And here are some by one of my favorite writers, if you need a little inspiration.)
  • Sometimes I run across these great lists of things that just make life easier. Case and point–. I just added the collapsible salad spinner to my list, so I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • This is just info we all need to know–. For YEARS I’ve been sneaking ripe avocados into the fridge like it was something to be ashamed of. Turns out I was right. Ha! Take that, all you people I was hiding this from that didn’t care! Ha. HA!
  • Looking for something to watch this weekend? Check out this list of the (according to critics). I am not a person who loves to spend 45 minutes picking something to watch, so I appreciate a good list to work off of. 🙂

Have a great week and plan a little extra coffee for Spring Ahead Monday.



Melissa 🙂

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