Hope in 5 (ish) – Ep. 26 { I found the QUIET iphone alarms, you can be like Wonder Woman, and this bit of HEARTWARMING-ness! }

Guys–it’s getting better. Do you feel the shift? I was on a walk around my neighborhood and there were CHILDREN playing in the park. It was so awesome to see kids. It was feeling a little too with how few kids I’ve seen recently, know what I mean? Also, I will be super thrilled when I am not afraid of people any more. (I mean, ya know, aside from the normal fear of zombies in my back seat…YOU *DO* CHECK, DON’T YOU??)

Speaking of hope, I signed up for the national registry to be alerted if there are leftover vaccine doses in my area. It does not take them away from people who need to get them–it’s just the doses that are literally going to be thrown away because people didn’t show up or something. Here is the . You get a text saying where in/near your zip code there is a dose available and you respond if you want it. Let’s not have any of those go to waste!

Fair warning–Daylight Savings starts next Sunday, March 14th! (I was gonna say ‘to my US readers’, but if you aren’t in the US and you work with people here, this is the reason the time you usually meet with them is going to be a bit wonky.) We ‘spring’ ahead on hour next Sunday.

Ok, ready for a few ideas for you (and your life) (and the world) to be just a little bit better? Here are 5 quick links to bring you a little joy, a chance to think or to provide a helpful tool to you in 5 (ish) minutes! 🙂

Here is your Hope in 5 (ish) for the week!

  • Speaking of sleep (I’m looking at you, Daylight Savings), now is the perfect time to get up earlier if you want to get a little more time in your day. Because in a week, your body will still wake up at the same ‘time’, but it will be an hour earlier. Use it to your advantage! Also speaking of sleep, I am (still) using my phone as my alarm and JUST discovered You’re welcome. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like the bedtime alarm, too.

  • Is your home cooking getting maybe a little…un-inspired? Let’s fix at least part of that–here is . It’s a list from nutritionists, but they had me at breakfast cake…

  • This is just for a little travel-y pick me up: So stunning.

  • We are in this together. Yes, still. But there have been some lovely, unexpected moments, haven’t there? Check out this 3 minute video– <3

  • Movie list! It’s from Esquire magazine, and I haven’t seen or heard of some of these-what is even happening. They say it is the. What do you think?

What is giving you life right now? I wore some of my favorite shoes that I hadn’t worn for a year to the dentist this week. It was awesome. (The shoes, not the dentist.) Dress up for the grocery store. Remember to find some joy. Even small doses matter.



Melissa 🙂

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How you’re gonna feel when you take advantage of that extra hour next weekend (March 14th)! 🙂

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