Every human is capable of more than they are experiencing. And every human gets in their own way.

Why coaching?

Feeling stuck? Have that unsettled sense that you were meant for more? That you want to be, do or have something in your life that is not currently there?

I work with people who are ready to level up their lives—creatively, professionally, or personally.

First, I’ll help you get clear on what you want in your life that you don’t currently have.

Is it a way of being? Something you desire to do or to have? This is a vision conversation. A vision is different than a dream—a dream is a lovely fantasy that you may really like, but a vision is something you are willing to work and grow for.

Second, we’ll get honest about how you might be getting in your own way. What do you believe that isn’t true? Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself, your circumstances, or the world at large that are keeping you small or trapped? Through fierce advocacy and feedback, I will support you as we examine any unresourceful mindsets. You will know what is holding you back.

Then, it’s time to create a strategy with actionable steps. Using the tools of integrity and accountability, you will know what to do.
Let me say that again: you will know what to do.
And have support to do it.
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Why coaching with me?

After decades of leading and loving people, I discovered the life-altering power of coaching through my own transformative experience with ontological executive coaching during a major life transition. With a lifetime of encouraging people and seeing the best in them, training as an ontological coach provided the tools and insights that turned my deep passion for serving humans into a powerful place to serve them from.

I am certified as an Executive Coach through the Meta Performance™ Institute, a division of the elite coaching firm, Novus Global. As part of a global company that works with Fortune 500 companies, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, elected officials, professional athletes, world-renown artists, performers, creatives and some of the most influential people on the planet—it gives me (and my clients) the opportunity to connect to an incredibly unique power of collaboration, growth and a constant exploration of capacity.

My mission is to help each person and team I connect with know with clarity what is their unique and expanding capacity, understand how they may be getting in their own way, and develop an actionable strategy to get unstuck and get moving.

In addition to my education in human biology (BS in Biology, New Mexico Tech), community behaviors (Masters in Public Health, University of New Mexico), impactful storytelling (UCLA), I draw on extensive experience with people in cross-cultural spaces (lived experience in East Africa, China, Japan and Hong Kong), as an award-winning writer, 15 years as a momager to professional working child actors, a happy long-term marriage, and parenting three humans to young adulthood.

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