Hope in 5 (ish) minutes: A weekly newsletter for life to be just a little bit better – No. 24

how to be a better person hopeIt’s my darling hubby’s b-day this weekend so we are celebrating C***d style (I can’t say the word anymore. Fatigued out.). Celebrations are, um, lame different these days, but he is definitely worth celebrating! So, in addition to ordering in his favorite dinner and planning a Lord of the Rings movie-fest (it’s approximately 12 hours to do the trilogy–if we add The Hobbit movies, it is closer to 21 hours…help me…), I have promised not to complain AT ALL about his love of perusing the movie que and told him I would stay cheerful for a full hour if he wants to watch trailers and go down rabbit holes.

This is love.

Well, and the willingness to stay in the land of hobbits for a solid day. I like an epic story as much as the next person, but watching them all in a row…I mean, that’s dedication.

Also, don’t go on Pinterest to look for some simple LOTR-inspired ways to celebrate unless you want to feel inadequate. Maybe I’ll wrap the remote in leaves to resemble elvish lembas bread…

I hope you have a (reasonably) fun weekend ahead of you! Remember to play and rest and practice some boundaries on things like work and screen time for yourself.

Ok, ready for a few ideas for you (and your life) (and the world) to be just a little bit better? Here are 5 quick links to bring you a little joy, a chance to think or to provide a helpful tool to you in 5 (ish) minutes! 🙂

Here is your Hope in 5 (ish) for the week!

  • Do you know folks who have received their C***d vaccine? You guys. This is a big deal. It means things around you are changing and the New Normal is ahead. Here’s a great idea to help feel hopeful at this stage of the pandemic. I’ve had several older family members and front line health workers get their vaccine and, man, it is a huge relief.
  • Need a little nostalgia? This is a fun little walk down memory lane. See how many of these 50 things you specifically did in elementary school. I can distinctly recall seeing into the awesome ‘ball room’ in the gym. And the erasers. 🙂
  • I know we all love a good book list! This website uses books you’ve read and loved to suggest lesser-known books that are fantastic that you might have missed. Give it a go and see how smart and well-read you’re gonna sound when we make small talk at my next Lord of the Rings-themed party. 😛
  • As the end of the pandemic starts to appear on the horizon, I am newly aware of the things I haven’t done that seemed like such a great idea last March. Now that my anxiety-induced clouded mental state is getting a bit clearer, I feel a tiny bit more energized to tackle a few tasks. If you’ve got some clutter to deal with, checkout some of these solutions to make your life feel a bit more organized.
  • Need some ideas of what to watch this weekend? The New York Times puts out some great lists and this week I am linking a list of 50 great movies on Netflix. I’ve missed quite a few of these!

Take care of yourself and maybe send a quick text to someone who has been on your mind to let them know they matter to you.



Melissa 🙂

p.s. Was this forwarded to you? You can get it sent right to your inbox next week! 🙂

According to the list on Pinterest, it goes breakfast at 7am, second breakfast at 9am and then, of course Elevensies. Hobbit on. HBD, Casey! 🙂


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