The Actor's Path

A course & Live group coaching sessions to:

Discover your creative path and confidently build a stable, growing career you love

what's inside the course:

20 video lessons & 20 live group coaching sessions

Get clear on where you are going. This first step is vital.

  • How are you seeing your world? Is it true?
  • Understand motivation
  • Create a vision of a future that thrills you

Know what is holding you back and how to get moving.

  • Stuck? Unsure? Here’s why
  • Mindset-this changes everything
  • Actor, know thyself! And explore your ownership

Build and walk your creative path confidently

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Trust yourself to do what it takes
  • Use generative language for a clear, thrilling future

If you're ready to...

The number one struggle I hear from actors is not being sure what the right thing to do is as they build a creative life and professional career they love. What if you could know? What if you knew what to say yes to, what to say no to, and got to learn the tools in a supportive, community environment? Join The Actor’s Path to know what you are doing with your life and build your path with confidence to get it!

Why coaching with me?

After decades of leading and loving people, I discovered the life-altering power of coaching through my own transformative experience with ontological coaching during a major life transition. With a lifetime of encouraging people and seeing the best in them, training as an ontological coach provided the tools and insights that turned my deep passion for serving humans into a powerful place to serve them from.

I am certified as an Executive Coach through the Meta Performance™ Institute, a division of the elite coaching firm, Novus Global.  I spent several years coaching alongside teams serving Fortune 500 companies, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, elected officials, professional athletes, world-renown artists, performers, creatives and some of the most influential people on the planet. And I can promise you that you have not yet realized your potential. None of us have. 

I am a writer as well as the parent to three creatives–daughters I have supported and guided through the entertainment industry in Hollywood. I have spent 20+ years on various sets, casting rooms, studios and all manner of workshops and classes. I have lived and breathed supporting creatives as they build their life, and I’d love to include you in that.

"Melissa Caddell is a gifted coach who deeply cares for humans and artists in particular."

She uses both her big heart, astute mind and humor to explore each individual’s true desires and the blocks around achieving those desires. I highly recommend!

– Amie F., Actor/Director

work with me
I bet you're just scratching the surface of what you can do. Would you like to know what that is?

What if you could stop being uncertain about what you ‘should’ do? What if you could stop being afraid of making the wrong decision? Imagine you got to feel grounded and excited and joyful about your life–starting right now! What if you faced each day with confidence that you were on the right path to build a stable, growing creative career (and life!) you love? It’s not magic–it’s vision, mindset, and strategy. It’s doing the work and loving your life. I guarantee something will happen–in you or for you. Come join me to get clear, get unstuck and get moving.

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