What are these parents thinking?

There was a 6 year-old little boy abducted from his home in Las Vegas. Allegedly by members of the Mexican Mafia, who they had some connection with. The abductors demanded money and drugs from the mom and her boyfriend and then took the child when they didn’t pay up.

I have to ask: are the parents INSANE?? I am thoroughly TIRED of parents doing completely IDIOTIC things in their lives, and the children be damned (literally).

As a grownup, yes, yes, you can make your own choices, suffer the consequences, yada yada yada. But do parents ever consider what will happen to THEIR CHILDREN? Who didn’t make the choice but are a victim, nonetheless? Parents have affairs, steal money from their company, don’t pay their taxes, drive when they know they shouldn’t, and generally make choices without considering the damage potential to their children.

The littlest victims have no voice, so I am telling all those parents to THINK!! It is not just about YOU!


(well, consider this a little vent. it just breaks my heart. what a horrific experience for this little boy who is 6! 6! and all the children who look with wide, innocent eyes at the people who are supposed to keep them safe in all ways…) 🙁

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