Twilight mom confession and how I met ‘Jacob’ (really!)

Back when Taylor Lautner was 'Shark Boy' and not yet 'Jacob'

Back when Taylor Lautner was 'Shark Boy' and not yet 'Jacob'

Hi. My name is Melissa and I have read the Twilight saga. Multiple times. No, I’m not 14. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m a ‘Twilight mom’. You know, those grownup women who become addicted to the Twlight books after prying them out of the hands of their teenaged daughters. (Not that I have a teen daughter.)

I was a late fan and didn’t start the series until Breaking Dawn (the 4th book) came out. I (admittedly) rolled my eyes at the hysteria. I only read Twilight to write a book review for it, but by about 50 pages in, I was staying up until 2 am to finish it. And I was extremely grateful that a) the books were nice and long and b) that I had waited to start the series until 4 books were out. No having to wait for the next installment!

Now, I have never been to those fan websites. Well, aside from that one time when I got caught up in the buzz about how ‘Jacob’ (Taylor Lauter) had gained 30 pounds and totally got buffed out to stay in the series. I guess the director or a producer or someone was concerned that he wasn’t big enough (spoiler ALERT!) to look werewolfy. Well, being impressed with his determination, I went to a Twilight moms website. Looked like he pulled it off. And in the interest of research, I am posting this link for you. ‘Cause I’m nice like that.

I have taken one of those Facebook quizzes, and it turns out that I’m on Team Jacob, just for full disclosure. And I did meet him (back in the days that he was just Shark Boy) at a karate tournament my oldest daughter competed in, March 2007. Do you see how close I got to him?? Oh, and my kids got to meet him, too. Nice young man, considerate of his fans. Probably couldn’t get within a mile of him now.

And then, as a writer, read the series again to understand the crack-like nature of it. You know, from a purely professional perspective. What was so addictive about it? The characters? The writing? The theme? I loved how Stephanie Meyer just discarded known vampire lore when it didn’t work with her story. Creepy bloodsuckers? Make ‘em vegetarian! Turn to dust in sunlight? Nah—just make ‘em sparkly!

I own the Twlight movie and drug my amused husband to see it in theaters where I sat and whispered in his ear all the critical plot points he was missing by not having read the book. He liked the fight scene at the end enough that with the promise of werewolf and vampire fights in New Moon, he’s coming with me on Friday to see it (and only because I can’t find a sitter for the midnight showing).

So, bring on the bloodsuckers and dogs. This Twilight mom is ready! Whoop!


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