The trip home–the southern route

It would add about 80 miles to our trip, but we decided to head the southern route home, through Louisiana and Texas. (Seriously, what’s 80 miles in a trip of 4000?)

We packed up that night and hit the road about 9ish the next morning. I always dream we will be out earlier, but fail to take into account the DH’s methodical packing process. Not to sound critical, but for heaven’ sake, just get the crap in the car so we can go! Grr. My Darling Husband would take this moment to say that he could do that, but then we couldn’t get to anything. I told him that I could only entertain the kids in a hotel room for SO LONG before I was thinking any number of uncharitable thoughts about his LOLLY-GAGGING and packing! It takes him between 30-45 minutes to get things settled, and this process isn’t started until everything is packed up and sitting ready by the car. Is this normal?? I do confess that my Darling Husband is a master packer. He can get any quantity of stuff into a vehicle. But there has GOT to be a faster way to do this. I will percolate on it….

We really wanted to see New Orleans. We have never been before and wondered how much evidence of Katrina still existed. It was about 9pm when we drove into town and we were surprised at the number of entire neighborhoods that were dark. Where was everyone?
We stayed in the French Quarter. Some buildings looked newly refurbished, and others were abandoned, a very weird sort of dissonance. We asked around for where a good spot for breakfast was the next morning, and we were directed to Cafe Du Monde. It is world-famous for it’s yummy beignets and cafe au laits. We finished off a couple of orders of fresh, hot beignets and the cafe au lait was, in fact, wonderful. It is supposed to be a famous spot to sit and people watch, but we wouldn’t know, as Ms. Wiggle Buns was pretty much done with sitting still after we stuffed her with sugar-coated, deep-fried treats.

We wandered around the square and took in some of the interesting architecture before dragging ourselves to the car for a long day of driving. We had nothing to look forward to on this day of travel, so we just hunkered down and got as far as we could.

There was a sweet highlight in the form of Lindy’s restaurant, outside of Dallas, TX where we stopped for dinner. The kids were a *tad* wound up from being in the car all day, so the very kind waitstaff put us in a banquet room where they could run around. Then, the Pixie Child had her usual affect on people, and they were totally smitten. The server kept bringing out plates of food for her and even scrounged up special things (fresh watermelon and strawberries). It was pretty cute. They were all so, so nice to us that I told Darling I wanted to move there. It was a little piece of small-town America, so simple and sweet. Sigh. Oh, and the fried chicken was fab.u.lous.

We drove to someplace in Oklahoma that night (apparently unremarkable as I can’t remember a thing about it) and had a very uneventful trip home the next day. It was such a great vacation. The kids did really well and we got to experience some neat things. We are a road-trippin‘ kinda family and this was definitely one of our best trips! Our ending mileage was:

Now, the return to real life. Sigh. Maybe we just should’ve just stopped in Texas…

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