The family that travels together

Okay, it wasn’t near as bad as I feared. 2000 miles later, we are all still friendly. Except, we all loathe Elmo and his Pets DVD as that is the only thing The Toddler has watched for the last 4 days. (Please, someone, tell me why Elmo’s friend has a cat named ‘Chucky Sue’? And why does anyone bother to ask Mr. Noodle anything–he NEVER knows the answer! Jeepers…) La la la la, la la la la, Elmo’s world….

We did about 350 miles the first night to Hays, KS. Having driven through Kansas before, we opted to do as much at night as possible. While it is a lovely state, there is only so many miles of corn-silo-cow-repeat a family can take.

As we headed out the next morning, we saw a sign for The Oz Museum. Well, we HAD to see that. So, a few hours later, we pulled off the road (because they neglected to mention that the museum was 10 miles off the freeway) to get Toto’s Tacos (no joke). They weren’t bad, actually. We spent more time in the gift shop then the museum, but it was a nice break and we did see 2000 pieces of Oz memorabilia we had never seen before… The Darling Husband got a mug that reads: “Did the Wizard ever get back to you about the brain?”. The Pixie Child feel in love with the little glass with Toto on it (a shot glass, of course) that reads: Dorothy–Hate Oz, took the shoes, find your own way home.-Toto.” Funny….

We wanted to get to the St. Louis Arch that night, but it was closed when we got there (okay, in all fairness it was like 830pm). We did get to see it from like 3 states as we drove around and around trying to find the entrance. The Darling Husband’s iPhone took forever to load the page and his map thingy on said device wasn’t so helpful. Anyway, we dashed like frozen maniacs over to the base of it so at least the kids could see it and touch it’s freezing metal surface. The Toddler was just so happy to run around–until the momentum of that big ole’ toddler head hit the pavement when she fell down. The Darling Husband and I (stellar parents) kept checking her mouth, sure she had bit her tongue or something with all her crying and totally missed the big bruise on her forehead until the next morning. They will let anyone be a parent.

We stayed in a town called Puducah, KY that night. ‘Who knew?’ is about all I have to say about Kentucky….bless their hearts.

Did I mention yet that one of my favorite features on the Darling Husband’s device of iJoy is that it will locate the nearest Starbucks for you, and then give you directions to it? 🙂

We drove through Nashville on our way to see The Darling Husband’s sister in Atlanta. It was interesting to note how the country and people changed a bit from one stop to the next (basically, because we were in another state before we got to stop again). Accents were different, local cuisine (someone must tell me what one does with a boiled peanut), even driving. (Aside from The Darling Husband’s sister, I’m sure, Atlanta has the worst drivers we encountered on our trip.) We stopped and had a lovely home-cooked meal with my dear SIL and then hit the road for a few more hours of driving.

(Note: the Suburban totally rocks. If I ever wanted to drive a tank on a daily basis, I would have to get one. This one has leather-esque seats (which totally changes your outlook on spills), XM Radio (who knew it could be so much fun!), a moon roof (which the children love), and a built-in DVD player (so they all have to watch Elmo when their players run out of power and they forgot to charge them the night before). However, what I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is the dual climate control. Wow. As it turns out, The Darling Husband and I have a 5-8 degree temp difference in how we set ours. How will I ever go back to shrieking and turning all the vents away from me/towards him when he fiddles with the fan back in the old minivan?? Sigh.)

My SIL had warned us that tourists heading to Disney World were the local law enforcement in south GA’s bread and butter and she was so right. It was raining pretty hard, so we weren’t tempted to speed in any case.

(Note: the speed limit on the highways changed from a reasonable 75 to 70 as soon as we hit Kansas….ugh. SOooooooo painfully slow……)

We spent the night in Tifton, GA where The Darling Husband and I realized that we have come a long way, baby. The only room we could find was at a MicroTel Inn. Which, years ago, we would’ve been thrilled with. However, we are now getting old and cranky, apparently. Paper thin walls, the sheets and towels felt cheap, and who’s black hair was that in the bathroom?? Eeeewwww.

Don’t get me wrong–we don’t normally stay at 5 star hotels…just ones with a slightly less ‘how many college kids can we cram in here to save money’ feel. Trust me in that we would know what that feels like. 🙂

We made it to Disney World in tact and everyone singing along to Hannah Montana on the XM radio. It took two loads on the very full luggage cart to get all of our crap into the lovely timeshare condo our inlaws are letting us use. (Clearly, they believe firmly in the saying–be nice to your kids, as they are the ones who will pick your nursing home. 🙂

Let our assault on the Mouse begin….

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