Terrific Tip #1: How to help toddlers who are afraid of thunder

Terrific Tips! On Tuesday! Cause it starts with a ‘T’!

Have a toddler or preschooler who is afraid of thunder? We happened upon this little trick the other night when our (nearly) 3 year-old became very frightened of the thunder (again). In trying to explain to her that thunder is just a loud sound and that loud sounds can’t hurt you (we thought she was a bit young to talk about sound waves), I clapped.

After that, every time we started to hear thunder, we all clapped and cheered and the thunder would stop (or, so it seemed to the toddler). She was too busy having fun and laughing at us all being silly to be afraid. We just had to start clapping as soon as we started to hear it and she would laugh and clap along. Much better then the crying and shrieking that the thunder was ‘scary’.

Anyway, a little tip to help your child. If anyone has a solution to thunderstorms RIGHT AT BEDTIME, let me know. [Ever wonder WHY thunder makes noise? Click here for a good explanation or here for a short video.]

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