Twilight mom confession and how I met ‘Jacob’ (really!)

Hi. My name is Melissa and I have read the Twilight saga. Multiple times. No, I’m not 14. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m a ‘Twilight mom’. You know, those grownup women who become addicted to the Twlight books after prying them out of the hands of their teenaged daughters. (Not that I […]

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  2. Casey Caddell: The husbands point of view: The redeeming factor to the twilight movies is that they have vampires and warewolves so…

  3. Nicole aka Gidget: okay, you may have actually convinced me to read them. for purely *professional* reasons of course. :)

  4. Melissa Caddell: Update: happy the movie was good! Acting was improved (phew!) and my *close* *personal* *friend* Taylor totally rocked. :)

  5. Susan: I'm a mom fan of Twilight too. I'm so excited to go see New Moon! I was very ho hum…

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