no extra words to spare

Just a little note to let you know that I haven’t posted anything since Nov. 1. I have no spare words. Here’s why: But here’s a freebie just for clicking by: Overheard at Target this week as two women stood hip-deep in Christmas wrapping paper, making selections: “This will clash under the tree, don’t […]

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  1. Jason V: Sigh. The luxuries that some people have. It's nice to see that they are using the time they have wisely.…

  2. Wry Mouth: Write like the wind!

  3. nicole viola: yay for nanowrimo!

  4. Wry Mouth: so... who's gonna review *your* novel?

  5. a mom in the 'burbs: Uh. Review? Even I haven't read it yet! I have a date with my printed manuscript for this Sunday at…