saving the planet (supposedly) 1 shopping bag at a time

I am convinced that those cloth shopping bags at checkout stands are doing more harm than good.

Hear me out on this. I have, as a good citizen, purchased about 4 of said shopping bags. And I love that I can get so much into them and how nice and solid they are when I use them. I should say, the 9 times a year I ACTUALLY remember to use them.

Seriously, ’cause I need one more thing to remember in my life??

Here’s how it works in my world: I make out my shopping list. I go to the store. Even with the words typed permanently and **’d at the top of my list– DON’T FORGET BAGS!! I forget them nearly every time. I have tried putting them on the seat next to me as a visual reminder. Unfortunately, I leave them there all the time (so I’ll remember to grab them anytime I go to a store) and my brain doesn’t even REGISTER them anymore. I put them on the hooks by the door going out to the car, where I FORGET them for weeks at a time.

I only remember them when I see the STACKS of cloth bags for sale at the register.

I don’t think I am that different from anyone else. I mean, really, don’t you get a thrill of a rush when you remember your bags? You know why? ‘Cause it’s a NEW experience! Yes, yes, I am sure that about 3 of you have figured out a good system for remembering to take your bags shopping with you. (Maybe using them as clothing? So you can be sure you always have them with you? And then you can feel great that you have not only REDUCED, but REUSED, too! Woot!)

I think the stores are going to have to take a hard line approach to this whole bag issue for people like me. Sell me the cloth bags and then completely DO AWAY WITH the plastic ones. I bet I’d only have to carry my canned goods out in my bare hands (with a toddler dragging a bag of apples) ONE TIME to be enticed to remember my bags the next time.

Unless, of course, the stores are actually HAPPY to keep selling people like me bag after bag after bag, using ‘green guilt‘ to do so. Because, they can’t actually be glad of the whole greenhouse gas effect that the making of plastic (and cloth??) bags are creating. No, no. The stores WANT to help the environment. They are SAD when I forget my bags and then ask me if I’d like to purchase (another) set of cloth bags, instead of using those evil, evil, free plastic ones.

And what am I supposed to use as a trash can liner? Or to tie up poopy diapers in? Oooo, maybe I can use the cloth bags I keep forgetting! At least they’d get used!

Anyone got a pattern for a nice poncho?

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