pajama pants, how I heart thee

Just gotta say how much I love, love, love pajama pants. Seriously, what’s up with them being so dang comfy? Why can’t any other pants perform with the same level of comfort?

This is not to say that I wear mine out in public. Well, okay, not very often. And not with my boots (as all the teenagers in my area tend to do). (except on snowy days when I am late running the kids to school. and I know I won’t be getting out of the car. just sayin’.) And not for anything except a very fast errand in which pajamas would be viewed as cute, and not slovenly. Unlike all the 14-18 girls in my area, who wear their pajama pants everywhere, it seems.

I don’t blame them, honestly. (see first paragraph). However, it’s possible that sporting pajama pants to the mall is a *tad* TOO casual. Though, I suppose not anymore casual then seeing boys’ boxer shorts peeking (and by that I mean LOOMING) out of the top of their pants (usually by 6 inches or more).

Gotta wonder if America has the niche on the pajama pant market…

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