No good pics of the mom, or how to crop a kid out of your Facebook picture

What is up with having no good pictures of just the mom? I recently spent waaaay too long trying to find a good shot of JUST ME. I searched all the way back to 2004 before I found one where you could see my whole face and that I could crop the kids out of. Is using a picture that is 5 years old considered cheating? I did have good hair that day…

But seriously–what is up with that? Doesn’t anyone want pictures of me? Me all by myself? Looking vaguely cute?

Apparently not.

But, you know, this isn’t just about me. I mean, it kinda is, but I noticed a trend as I searched years worth of pictures. Before we had kids, Darling took pictures of me. Pretty good ones. It seems that after Sunshine arrived, he lost the ability to take a decent shot of me. Either that, or I did actually look that bad. Hmm.

Once Pixie was of an age to have an opinion, she was in most every shot along with her sister. Poor little thing doesn’t have that many shots of just her. When Lady Bug arrived on scene, good luck getting a shot of ANYTHING that doesn’t include a kid streaking into the picture.

To be fair, I didn’t notice that many pictures of just Darling by himself (except the one I tried to take for his passport–which they couldn’t use because the background wasn’t white, as an FYI). He always appears in pictures with a child climbing or dangling off of him. Though, to be fair, those are a little easier to crop out.

Mommas–you have to hand the camera to someone else. And when they point it at you, don’t act like your soul is being stolen away. I have about 30 shots of the hand and swinging hair of my SIL, but not her actual face. Ya know, 100 years from now, she is going to ask why no one has any pictures of her.

Get some girlfriends together and have a photoshoot. You (and your family, and your Facebook page) need some good pictures of you. Just you. Your entire face. And not a face that has the side of someone else’s face cropped out.

Just sayin‘.

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