My husband quit his job: why this is a good thing

casey last monday

Casey leaving for his last Monday at work

          “So I think I have to tell my boss that I need to quit.”

     Strangely, they were the words I had been waiting to hear for years: My heart froze for a moment, and then began beating again wildly, fueled by a flicker of hope. I turned to examine his face, carefully saying,
          “Really?” I was afraid to spook him until he’d said his full piece. He kept his hands busy putting his lunch box away before looking me in the eye.
          “Yeah, it’s time.”
     The universe seemed to stop for a moment. I was at once elated and terrified. I jumped into his arms with a “Yay!” and we held onto each other for a moment before the reality of what that choice could mean permeated our happy, hopeful embrace.

Casey has always been meant to be an entrepreneur. I’m not sure what puts that sort of tick in someone, but he has it. When we graduated from college, he had the opportunity to work at a startup company in another state with one of his engineering professors. But he choose not to, partly because he thought that getting some experience would be good, and partly because a certain young wife had dreams of her own that didn’t involve leaving the state and trying to support an iffy proposition. So, he turned it down and choose a nice, safe job in the defense industry. And I watched as it drained the life right out of him over the next 13 years.
     Not to say what he was doing wasn’t important (it was). Not to say that he didn’t get some pleasure out of his work and the people he worked with (he did). But it’s not what he was meant to do.

Here’s Casey’s version of his journey.  It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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