Mom jeans (a sad, but true, story)

I cannot find an adequate excuse for what happened. Maybe I was behind on the laundry. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention when I reached into the closet. Whatever it was, I ended up in a pair of “mom jeans”. Technically, they weren’t jeans but the same rules apply.

You know what I’m talking about–the jeans that seem to just keep going and going and going, to settle somewhere nicely under your rib cage?

I’ve been wearing these pants (and cutely!) for years. I bought them out of the juniors section and they were pretty hip in their time (one baby and 6 years ago).

I didn’t realize they fell into the mom jean category. It wasn’t until I caught sight of my, um, backside in a mirror that I realized I was sportin‘ the look. The dark olive green cargo-style pants have no back pockets, so you get a long, unbroken line all the way up to the (high-ish) waistband.

These did not fall into the “mom jean” category a few years ago. Sinking waistband heights have created a new low (hahahaha!) for mom jeans. These sit right at my belly button. I only knew they were mom jeans when I had a sudden realization exactly WHY moms wear those kinds of pants.

The glory of high waistbands are that they HOLD POST-BABY BELLIES IN! And really well.

I did strip those puppies off and set them in the donate pile. But I DO sorta long for the tummy-retention they offered….bummer. Any chance waistband heights will be rising again soon? Or am I gonna have to go back to the gym? Argh.

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