Look! Look! Meals: The art and science of feeding your family (made really simple!) eBook

I am so excited to announce the publication of my first eBook! What started as a much-requested speaking topic has evolved into a 40-page eBook. There was just more to talk about than an hour would allow. 🙂

I have always been interested in food-what we eat, why we eat what we do. As the person incharge of meals in my home, I made an effort to learn and to be intentional about food. My background in human biology and public health made me even more aware of how food impacts our lives long-term. It was a journey over several years as I researched, learned and applied it to our family’s busy life. This book came about when friends and other moms saw how I planned meals and heard me talk about nutrition. I have been planning meals for years and I had a good system that only took a few minutes. Moms kept asking questions and I kept doing research. When organic foods became a hot topic , I looked into what was fact and what was fiction. As I became more intentional about nutrition, I gathered information and implemented what made sense and what was practical for a real mom, in a real life.

In Meals: the art and science of feeding your family (made really simple!), we’ll talk about the most common concerns moms have about food:

1) Nutrition—you only need to remember 4 things for you and your family to have good nutrition.
2) Organic food—what’s fact and what’s fiction and how it impacts your budget.
3) Young ‘uns—feeding babies and toddlers. Food adventure!
4) Menu planning—a system that’s easy to implement and use in a real life.
5) Coupons—don’t worry, it’s not what you think! Who has time to clip and organize? But there is money to be saved without a lot of time and effort if you want to.
6) Art—the emotional side of food. Because food isn’t just food. Includes tips on what NOT to do as you focus on better nutrition for your family (hint: it involves keeping the Oreos™)
7) Picky pants—yes, this topic requires its own section. Thoughts and tips to move beyond being a short-order cook and helping your kid become a more adventurous eater.

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