Last day at Disney–See ya real soon!

We reserved our last day for a little bit of time at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and then Hollywood Studios. The girls rode Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain one more time and then we had a character breakfast with Winnie the Pooh. Toddler LOVED all the characters and they very patiently allowed her to grab their faces and give them kisses. Repeatedly. We got the girls silhouettes done (one of my favorite things) and they were amazed to watch the artist cut their likenesses. It is a little bit like magic, if you ask me.

(Oh, and you may know that this is Disney’s “Year of a Million Dream” where they have Dream Team members roaming the parks to make your stay more magical (you could get a night in the Cinderella castle, all-day FastPass tickets, front row seats at shows, etc. Well, we had been watching for and attempting to make eye-contact with Dream Team members all week. As we were gathering our where-with-all after the silhouettes, a Dream Team member approaches us. This is it! (I think.) Let it be the FastPass for the day thing! He chats with the girls for a minute, asking if they had had a chance to meet the princesses. Pixie and Sunshine are just not that into princesses right now, but I was willing them to lie to this nice man to see what we would get. Sadly, their lack of enthusiasm won out over my attempt to mind-meld with them, so he just chatted with us for a minute and left. Darn!)

About now, it was getting hot. Did I mention that it was hot? The parents-in-law called to let us know they were going to take a day to relax and did we want to send the (cranky) Toddler back to the hotel with them? YAY!! Toddler was clearly “all done” with Disney at this point and the prospect of dragging her through our final, ambitious day was daunting.

I drove Toddler back to the condo and then met DH and the girls at Epcot. Sunshine wanted to see Japan and we wanted to ride the new Soarin’ ride. Sadly, they were out of FastPasses already and the wait was 2 hours. Ugh. We declined that and wandered Around the World. At one point, we passed an area where kids were painting. Well, that is totally up Pixie’s alley, so even though we were paying a skazillion dollars a minute to color, we stopped. Much crying ensued when they wouldn’t set up another easel for her as the painting time was done. While I typically would tell her to suck it up, I felt they were in the wrong here. There were about 6 other kids still working, so it wasn’t saving them any time not to let her paint. They had a little area on a giant picture she could color, but it was already partially colored and this offended her to no end. They almost caved and set her up to paint (I could see it in their eyes–she is really cute and was totally pathetic looking as she sobbed her little heart out). Since she disdained the idea of coloring where others already had, we moved on. Oh.the.drama.

We had ice cream in France as we trudged on. I think I might have mentioned that it was hot…

We finally got to Japan (the furthest point from the entrance) and Sunshine got to watch a drum ceremony thingy and Pixie found the Sharpie craft spot. She actually did a lovely job on her mask, so it made the blog. It took her for.ev.uh. to finish it, but I felt that she had earned a bit of artistic down time due to the sad painting episode.

We were heading to Hollywood Studios next and I was excited as I figured this was where Sunshine and Pixie would have the most fun. As with every other girl aged 5-11 in America, they are into Hannah Montana and High School Musical. We were walking briskly through Epcot toward the monorail and I realized that the children were dragging major tail behind us. They said they were tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. ! Huh?? Uh…..okay. Well, I wasn’t done with Disney yet, so we called the ‘rents-in-law to see if they wanted two more tired, slightly cranky children so that DH and I could go play by ourselves. 🙂

Yes, folks, that is why I have no more pictures from our last day at Disney. We didn’t carry nothin’ with us, except a credit card. Whoo hooo! Oh, the freedom to dart amongst the crowd, unencumbered of small children and all their stuff! We had a great time, though we were a little sad the kids were missing it.

We rode Tower of Terror (which I totally love, even though I am sure I am going to die), did Star Tours (which is exactly the same as when I rode it almost 10 years ago–it could do with some updating, and a scenty-thingy–pu!), a very weird Drew Carey show (a complete waste of time, even though it did get us out of a torrential downpour), the Walt Disney story, dinner at the Sci Fi Drive-in theater (which was totally fun), and then the Movies through the Years tour (also fun, though we were standing in line with about a zillion teenagers on Spring Break).

We ended our wonderful day/date by grabbing some last minute souvenirs for the children. This day and Kennedy Space Center were definitely the highlights of our stay in Florida.

(oh, and the kids and grandparents fared well together, too! 🙂
Thank you, grandparent fairies, wherever you are!)

Next up: travelling home

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