Melissa Caddell

Melissa Caddell

About me professionally: BS in Biology, Masters in Public Health (which means I really mean it when I tell my kids to wash their hands).  I am a writer and some of my recent work can be found in MomSense magazine and on Examiner.com.  I am currently working on my debut novel–a young adult scifi that began as a project for NaNoWriMo in 2008. I just wrote an eBook! If you somehow managed to not notice, you can purchase it. :) It grew out of a much-requested speaking topic and is titled, Meals: the art and science of feeding your family (made really simple!). Visit the new discussion forums! Co-founder of Bookalachi.com, where we review kid and YA books based on content.

About me personally: married, 3 kids, ‘burbs. New homeschool mom. Yikes. Coffee-snob (no, really).  Fav drink is a grande quad shot toffee nut latte. Yum. Love to read and occassionally scrapbook. Spent some time in East Africa in my teens–grateful for that experience beyond measure. I love sunflowers, the color orange and rainy days (all the better to drink coffee for, bwahahaha!).  I loathe injustice and my heart breaks for children who suffer from neglect, abuse or the bad decisions of the adults in their life.

© 2008 – 2010, melissa caddell. All rights reserved. If you steal my stuff, I will also be really, really mad.

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