Disney on Ice in Denver–this mom’s review

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Disney on Ice is in Denver at the Pepsi Center, Dec. 9th-12th (with a special show in Spanish).  Use COLORADO in the coupon/promo code box for a discount on tickets when purchased through Colorado Kids.

I saw a Disney on Ice production a few years ago at the Denver Coliseum and it was, well, um….not great. I’m not sure if the venue was the problem or if I just had high expectations, but I remember thinking it was a tad cheesy and not really a show that lived up to the level I associated with Disney.

The allure of a Disney production means hope beats eternal for this writer and mom, though.  So when Colorado Kids asked me to do a sneak peek (with complimentary tickets), I gathered up my two younger kids (4 & 8) and two of their BFF’s and off we went.

What you need to know if you go

Getting there: To avoid dealing with parking, we took the train in from the ‘burbs and it was very easy-peasy. The Pepsi Center is a great venue—much better for a Disney show. The staff there is just fantastic, and we got to meet several of them (which is what happens when you lose a coat and then have a kid fall on the escalator—she was fine, but good times, peeps, good times). Anyway, they were very professional and really gracious.

Concessions: We paid $4.50 for a big tub of popcorn from the Pepsi Center and then $12 for a bag of Disney cotton candy, spun by real princesses (I’m guessing).  :) Know that there is ‘reasonably’ priced concession foods and then Disney snow cones, treats and paraphernalia. So plan accordingly. I made the kids get (multiple) drinks at the drinking fountain.

The show: Overall, it was a good show and I think worth the ticket price. It felt more substantial then the show a few years back, though I wasn’t as wowed as I had hoped. There were definitely little wows and by the kid’s faces, they liked it. NOTE: At about the 15 minute mark the show gets a bit creepy for young kids. Characters from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas take the ice and the kids I was with were a bit scared.  After the intermission, there is a pretty neat bit where the ice is lit on fire. All the kids in the audience sang along to a song from The Princess and the Frog and there were a nice number of very familiar Disney princesses and characters.  The Toy Story characters were a crowd favorite. The overall arch of the story will be lost on most kids, so I would strongly encourage you to get seats as close as you can so they will be able to focus on the characters. (Side note: I wonder why they don’t use the big screens to project the show? Hmm…)

The actual skating was average to pretty good with several crowd pleasing moves.

But, really, your kids aren’t there for the skating—they are there for the cotton candy.

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