I almost didn’t let my Girl Scout sell cookies this year…

Dear Girl Scout Cookie fan: it’s that time of year! The time of year the parents of a particular Girl Scout dread–the nagging to accost friends and neighbors for sales, the drumming up of business, the eventual slow cookie dispersion and money collecting…

Oh, yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time!

After the pain and agony of getting Sunshine to be diligent about collecting funds, distributing cookies, and generally make us not dread Cookie Time, we almost didn’t let her sell them this year. But I think that’s un-
American. And how can you be known to have a resident Girl Scout and NOT be selling cookies??

And then, I came up with a BRILLIANT plan! (insert evil cackle here)

After a discussion about our expectations and what might motivate her this year to improve her diligence, I wrote up a contract and had Sunshine initial and sign it before she got her cookie sales sheet. Feel free to use it, Girl Scout parents. I think it’s legal and binding. At least at our house . 🙂

P.S She came up with her own ‘no reading’ consequence. But I came up with the offers to sell off her stuff if she didn’t collect $ in a timely manner. 🙂

Girl Scout Cookie Selling Agreement with Parents, 2011

I, Daughter’s Name, promise with all my heart to make cookie selling a pleasant experience for myself and my beloved parents and family this year.  I promise to:

1)      Collect orders in an organized way (so I can read my order later and everything is accurate). ___

2)      Only contact people I am able to get orders to in a timely manner. ___

3)      Keep my paperwork where I can find it. ___

4)      When cookies come in, I will immediately sort orders and begin delivery. ___

5)      I will collect money with checks made out to my troop, NOT my beloved parents. ___

6)      I will double check all math, as I know I will make up any difference in money or cookies. ___

7)      I will work diligently to get orders to people and money from people within 1 week of when I get the orders.___

I agree that I will not be allowed to read any day that I have not worked to the best of my ability to make the cookie selling and delivery season as smooth and painless on our family as possible___

I agree that I am responsible for all uncollected money and I will personally make up the difference from my allowance or by selling my personal belongings within 1 week of when I get the cookies. ___

I love Girl Scouts and my family and want to be a blessing to both. ___


Daugher’s name, date                                                    

Parent,  date                                                                       

Witnessed by:
­­­­­­­­­­­____________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_ �
Signature and printed name, date

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