How (exactly) did we end up with a dog?

If you’ve seen my Twitter updates, you may have noticed that we, the kinda anti-pet family, now have a dog.

And, it’s going fairly well, considering we are all so woefully lazy when it comes to pets. Our previous dog, who shed copious clumps of black hair everywhere, is happily ensconced with my sister. Her dog of many years died, and she wanted to ask for our shedding dog about the time I was ready to get rid of said shedding dog, so it all worked out. That was almost 2 years ago. We have baby-stepped our way back into the whole pet thing, cause it seems like people with 3 kids, a minivan and a house with a big yard in the ‘burbs should have a dog. In fact, it’s possible that it is in my homeowner’s association contract.

The girls (the same two who would’ve let their hamster’s and fish die of starvation if not for parental intervention) have begged for a pet for months. Sunshine even did a PowerPoint presentation (no joke) and research on the best dog for a family with a) no actual tolerance for all the trouble of a pet and b) no plan at all of paying hundreds of dollars for a pet. Then, Darling started working really late. And even as a grown up, our house seems to make lots of creepy noises when the big strong man of the house is gone. Then, there were a rash of break-ins in our area.

So, we capitulated. Though I did have some really strict parameters:
–NO puppies! There is no way I have time to train a puppy. And I totally know that no one else in the family will, despite their pleadings. The next living thing in our home to be potty trained will be the toddler.

–Dog MUST match the carpet. I almost took a carpet sample with us.

–Dog MUST be of a low(ish) shedding type. Really anything after the shedding black dog would be better. (As an fyi—German Shepherds shed year-round, as in ALL THE TIME, just so you can’t say no one told you. ‘Cause no one told us.)

–Not too needy. I already have a toddler, 2 other kids and a life to deal with. Must be able to entertain themselves and not stalk me from room to room.

Phew, well. I bet you’re thinking we should just get a stuffed animal. You’re right, but they won’t bark when someone’s at the door.

We decided to rescue a dog from the animal shelter. Darling watched the website and the cute pictures for a few weeks and one Sunday he said we should go look. I clarified that he actually wanted to walk out with a dog that day, cause there really was no way 3 little girls were going to go see a bunch of cute dogs and not get one. He said he was ready, so off we went. (PSA—the Denver Dumb Friends League intake nearly 100 pets everyday. Amazing.)

It cracked me up that the girls automatically walked past all the kennels with black-haired dogs. Good girls. After much ado, we brought home a yellow lab mix. She has pooped on the carpet twice, barfed once, makes a bee-line for the door every time it is open, gets into the trash can, and doesn’t like to be left alone.In addition to matching the carpet, she is gentle with the girls, loves chasing a ball and barked at the UPS guy. Life is a bit hairier and droolier, but good. So far.

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