Disney day 3

Animal Kingdom is a smaller park and easy to do in a day, so it was a good break from the mad sprinting about we had been doing.

Did I mention it was hot?

We got to the park and by the time we had figured out a plan of attack, we were starving. We headed to what we thought was a McDonald’s restaurant inside the park and wasted almost an hour of valuable park time there on a horrible meal. It took 45 from when we stepped into the fairly short lines to when we got our food. I guess they call it a McDonald’s as they served McD’s fries, but the cheeseburgers were among the worst I have ever eaten. Ick.

After that disappointing experience, we headed out into the heat to find something to do while we waited for the Nemo show. The Toddler feel asleep about now (thankfully, as she was a total wreck) so I took the older two over to the dinosaur Boneyard to play. But, not before Sunshine had some weird emotional meltdown about missing school. ? I think she is tired.

The girls played happily for a bit, the Darling Husband sat in the shade with the stroller, and we just relaxed.

They have a new Nemo show that has all kinds of hype about it, so they recommended that we get in line 45 minutes before the show started. While my idea of Disney fun does not lend itself to standing in line, we wanted to see this show as a group of 10, so we headed to the lines early.

At this point, I can only assume that someone at Disney marketing had a cerebral event. A full half an hour before the show started, the theater (lovely and air conditioned, btw) was packed full and the doors were closed. Now, someone must not have thought this all the way through. The have a theater full of hundreds of people, and no one can buy anything. No souvenirs, no snacks, nothing. Thirty minute of wasted spending time. Then, I thought that surely, they would go ahead and start the show, but they waited the full time. Weird. The Darling Husband entertained Toddler while she climbed steps and explored the theater.

The show was pretty good, but if you hadn’t seen Nemo, (as the Norway crew), you would have no idea what was going on. I am a native English speaker and I couldn’t understand most of what they said. They had some nice interactive parts with characters in the audience and the costumes were neat. Toddler lasted almost the whole show, so that’s all that counts, really.

The ‘rents-on-law took Toddler for a while, so we got to take the older two on the Safari ride without having to deal with little Ms. Wiggly Buns. She, in turn, got to see the Jungle Parade. She is a huge parade fan, probably her favorite thing at Disney.

After our safari, we headed over to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner with everyone. It is such a neat restaurant, and aside from the arctic level the air conditioning was set on, we had a good time.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I ended up with all 3 kids as we headed out through the gift shop (I am convinced that you can’t leave anywhere in FL without going through a gift shop). We were waiting on the rest of the crew and I managed to lose both older girls at separate times. It was almost funny, really. I’d find one, then lose the other. Yep, I was that mom walking briskly through the Rainforest gift shop dangling a toddler while shouting for my other two kids (they will let anyone be a parent). Finally, I caught up with the rest of the gang and handed off the 2 kids I had in custody at the time to go back into the gift shop to find the last kid. (Who happened to be our eldest. Oddly, she has been the one getting lost this trip–time to reconsider that cell phone thing.)

We are headed to the Kennedy Space Center tomorrow. Being the geeks that we are, we are totally looking forward to it.

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