An acquaintance through Girl Scouts has a carolling party every year. This is her 14th year. She gets a bunch of friends together and they do a loop through her neighborhood.

I was slightly unexcited about going, honestly, as I don’t know the Girl Scout moms very well (make that at all, as I basically just throw The Sunshine Child out the door ’cause we are always late). That, and tromping through the snow with potentially whiney children (mine, not anyone else’s) just didn’t strike me as all that festive.

But I went. And, honestly, it was a little bit of magic. I took The Sunshine Child and The Pixie Child well-bundled up. We had some snacks, armed all the 12 kids with bells(ranging in age 3-12ish)and hit the neighborhood.

I was completely unprepared for the pure, sweet joy it brought. The kids would start singing and shaking their bells, families would come to the door. The sheer delight on people’s faces literally moved me to tears. What a lovely thing to do. Intentionally reaching out to share goodness.

The Pixie Child decided to make a snow angel for each person’s yard. She would run to the yard, throw herself down in the snow, and vigorously make an angel. I would help her up and she would dash off to catch up with the singers. She did this in every single yard.

I hope that people see that sweet little angel in their yards and know the kindness of a small stranger.

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