About Me

Melissa Caddell-redheaded woman, smiling, gray sweater
Fun fact–taken at the Confucian Temple when we lived in Shanghai, China. So, not my usual photo where I’ve had to crop out a kid…

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. I’m a writer, a wife to a very patient husband and a mom to very chatty actors, which means I spend a lot of time in LA traffic listening to my girls, ages 18, 15 and 11. (Please send lattes. Thankseversomuch.)

I’m also a human who relentlessly questions the hard things in life about relationships to each other and faith and such. Maybe we can chat about that together? Because life is hard. But at least there are donuts!

I’m a teeny bit obsessed with finding better ways to do things, so my family thanks you for letting their pain and suffering amount to something when it ends up in a blog post. *grin*

I hope you’ll find that I’m warm and funny and trying real hard to figure out what I don’t know about myself, my assumptions as a middle-class white chick and the world around me.

Also? I love baked goods. And not kale. (My friend Christy keeps trying to get me to like kale, bless her heart.)

You know how I feel about coffee.

While my biggest education has been as a M.O.M., before that, I got a Bachelors of Science in Biology from New Mexico Tech (go Mines!) and a Masters in Public Health from the University of New Mexico (which means I really, really mean it when I tell my kids to wash their hands) (also, go Lobos!). I write articles for magazines and blogs, mostly about parenting and motherhood, and have been an editor and regular contributor for Hello, Darling magazine (formerly MomSense, for MOPS, International). Now that I live in Los Angeles, I am working on a script, which seems to be a legal requirement for all new residents.

I am a recent-ish transplant to Los Angeles from Denver, Colorado and find LA to be both weird and wonderful.  We also got to live in Shanghai, China for about 7 months in 2016, which was hard and epic. I spend some of my growing up years as a teenager in East Africa and to say it shaped me in important ways would be an understatement.

We have two cats; an orange one who (barley) tolerates us and a black one who is a little needy, plus one long-suffering dog.

I write about life and hacks and parenting (from babies to kidults, ’cause that’s how I raise ’em!) and would love to keep you updated on my weekly posts! If you’d like to get a notice when I post, jot your email address in the subscription box and you’ll be the first to know! (Well, technically the second to know since I’ll know first….)

Grab a cup of something yummy (may I suggest coffee?) and meet me at the back of the closet where the small people (and the needy cat) can’t find us.



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