Melissa Caddell–that’s me!


Hey! Thanks for dropping by. I am a writer, a mom to 3 actor kids (which means I spend a lot of time in LA traffic–send lattes), a wife to 1 patient husband, and a girl who sometimes struggles through life and faith. Also? I love baked goods and don’t like mean people in traffic.

About me professionally: BS in Biology, Masters in Public Health (which means I really, really mean it when I tell my kids to wash their hands).  I currently write a regular column for Hello, Darling magazine (formerly MomSense) and I am actively working on a feature film screenplay (as is required by law when you live in SoCal).

I am a recent transplant to Los Angeles from Denver, Colorado and find LA to be both weird and wonderful. We have one cat (who tolerates us) and one dog. And an orange tree that I am intrigued by (citrus fruit! in my YARD!) and haven’t killed yet. YET.