a mom goes to the gym

I think I have mentioned that I totally don’t like exercising. I just have never been a big fan of the whole sweating thing (not to sound prissy). And, it is a giant time suck. So many other things I’d rather do with my time, seriously.

I wish I could say that I started exercising because it is the healthy, responsible grownup thing to do. Sadly, not so much. It boils down to the fact that after Lady Bug was born, my abdominal muscles forgot how to suck in. Really. I tried, but I couldn’t figure out which muscles were involved. Oh, because they had been TORN APART in my pregnancy. Darn babies. Anywhoo, the motivating factor for me was the fact that I got tired of dressing around my tummy bulge. The rest of me seemed to return to (mostly) normal, but the squishy tummy could not be tamed. And have you noticed that low-cut pants only provide a lovely shelf for the tummy pooch to rest on? Creating a particularly ugly muffin top? Just sayin’….

So, I started to research exercise options in my area. Let me assure you, there is no shortage of gyms, studios, pools, walking trails, etc. In fact, it seems like everyone I know is working out. Well, except for me.

There are a couple of factors I had to consider:

1) Me no likey-sweaty. Or running. Or getting my face wet. This pre-cludes lots of kinds of exercising. (Really, I’m not prissy—seriously).

2) I am not built right to feel comfortable in a meat market environment. Ahem. Cross most of the area gyms off the list.

3) I wish I could say I was motivated enough to work out on some fun piece of equipment at home, but I’m just not. See above where I mention, “I’d rather do anything else”.

4) I am not willing to cut into family time, so it has to be done during the day AND provide childcare. Well, that REALLY narrows it down.

5) I am not willing to pay much for this, nor promise to pay monthly for the next 17 years. Darn, cross off that pilates studio.

6) A 3 degree shift in temperature is enough to make me peer out the window and decide it is just too hot/cold/windy/beautiful a day to go walking (which is free and I could take Lady Bug with me).

I know, isn’t this pathetic? You’d think I totally don’t want to work out! Oh. If I didn’t have to carefully select a shirt every morning, I’d have given up. So, basically, I looked for a woman-friendly place that provided childcare, during the day, and was fun enough for me to be willing to go 2 times a week.

Enter: JAZZERCISE! Heck, who knew? It’s not just for the 80’s anymore, ladies!
I went to my first workout (go ME for getting out the door!), and despite the fact that my coordination was laughable, it wasn’t horrible. AND, they CLAPPED for me for coming! Just ‘cause I was the new girl!

I can’t say that I enjoy exercising, but at least I am going. After going for a couple of months, my tummy is still amazingly poochy (only going 2x a week has it’s drawbacks), but at least I have identified my abdominal muscles again and can just suck in now. 🙂

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