A break from all things animated to visit a truly magical place

As mentioned before, we are geeks. Like, the kind of people who watch the Sci Fi channel (well, not me, the DH, but only because the acting is usually horrible and I can’t stand it.) I am a scientist by training, the Darling Husband an engineer. Geeky, geeky, geeky. But, I love it, as it makes life so interesting.

We spent Thursday at the Kennedy Space Center. It was cooler then Orlando and uncrowded. There is a bus tour that takes you through much of the island and visitor sites. My absolute favorite view is of the Vehicle Assembly Building, where they put the “orbiter” (space shuttle) on to the rockets and the big orange fuel tank. (Note–did you know that the stripes on the American flag are big enough for buses to drive on?)

Being where there is so much history–the horrible tragedies, and the amazing triumphs–it is truly awe-inspiring. We put people on the moon! Amazing! I picked up a print of an astronaut’s boot-print on the moon to remind myself of just how incredible it is.

The girls had a great time running around and looking at everything. We got to visit the historic mission control room that was used in the 50’s and 60’s. It was exactly as it was when the moon landing occurred and they had a video and voice recordings of the room during the landing, so it was like peeking over the shoulders of the people at Mission Control. It was just amazing. (We did have to tell Sunshine what a tape recorder was. I think my new cell phone has more technology then we had available for the moon landings.)

We also got to see the Saturn V rocket–the largest rocket ever built. It was HUGE. These were the rockets that got us to the moon.

We all got to touch a moon rock, which was totally fun (see, we are geeks).

As a bit of an aside, Sunshine is doing a Girl Scout thingy on space and as I poked around the NASA website with her, I discovered that applications for astronauts are open. Hmmm….I am considering applying, though I’m pretty sure I only have a fraction of the qualifications. (I was all about being an astronaut when I was 12 or so.) When I exclaimed excitedly that I might apply, Sunshine responded with, “But then you won’t be home as much!”. Um….true. But your mom would be an astronaut, baby!

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